Fall 2015: It’s goin’ down for real!

  • The Youth Committee is excited to welcome on board our new resident pastor, Molly McGinnis! She will be working with the youth on Sunday nights and other events throughout the year. And she is pumped!
  • The Youth will welcome the new 6th graders at their first official youth function at the all-church retreat in Montreat, during the Labor Day weekend.
  • The Youth Committee will host an information table during the Ministry Fair Kickoff event on Sept 13 at 9 am in Tull Hall.
  • On Sept 20 the youth will present their reviews of the summer mission trip to Guatemala and the Montreat Youth Conference to the congregation over lunch.  The entire congregation is encouraged to attend, especially those who purchased stock for the Youth trips
  • The official Youth Kickoff is set for Sunday afternoon September 20! Jill and Brady Lum have kindly offered their home for the pool party kickoff event.  Both parents and youth will be encouraged to attend and hear about the exciting plans in store for the youth! Stay tuned for more details! 
  • DON’T FORGET to fill out the MEDICAL RELEASE FORMS if you haven’t already! 

May 17: Guatemala Meeting and End of Year Party!

Hi, folks.

This Sunday, May 17, there is a Guatemala participant meeting after worship. Grab lunch downstairs, if you wish, and meet us in the youth suite for an important meeting. At this meeting, we will give you permission forms to fill out, in addition to an itinerary, packing list, and much more.

Then, at 5:00pm, we will see you at the West home for the end of the year party! All current youth, rising 6th graders, and families are invited. Hope to see you there!

May 3 and Looking Ahead

Hi, friends!

We hope you had a great time at the block party last week!

This Sunday, May 3, is senior recognition Sunday.The congregation will pray for the graduating seniors and give them a special gift. All high school seniors: Please come to the sanctuary at 10:45am to rehearse.

Also on Sunday May 3: Jerusalem Choir will rehearse at 12:30pm. Youth fellowship will be 6:00-7:30pm. This is our last youth fellowship before the end-of-the-year party. We will have dinner, reflect on the year, talk some about the summer, and nominate “superlatives” for our end-of-the-year party. You don’t want to miss it!

Remember that confirmation Sunday is May 10, and there will be no youth fellowship or Jerusalem choir.

The end of the year party will be May 17, 5:00-7:00pm at the Wests’ home. You should have received an evite this week. If you did not receive one, please email Anna.

That’s all, folks!

April 26 and Looking Ahead

Hi, all! Here’s what’s coming up for CPC youth.

This Sunday, April 26, is the church wide block party. We encourage all youth to come to worship and stay for an afternoon of fun with the congregation. There will be no Jerusalem Choir or youth fellowship.

Looking ahead:

-5/3: Senior Recognition Sunday during worship. Jerusalem choir at 12:30pm (because Mrs. Rachel needs to head out of town). Youth fellowship, 6:00-7:30pm.

-5/10: Confirmation Sunday. No Jerusalem choir or youth fellowship because of Mother’s Day

-5/17: Guatemala Trip Participants Meeting in the youth suite in 12:30pm

and 5:00-7:00pm End of the year party for all youth and parents at the Wests’ home! Be looking for an evite in your inbox!

 Central Acts Up – Again.. Thank You!

It has been a wonderful week at Central. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who made the variety show such a success!

central acts up logo

THE TEAM:  Catherine Wilson & Marcia Catterall – Central Acts Up … Again, Co-Chairs;  Rachel Stewart – Variety Show;  Paul Greene – Dinner Chef & Food Preparation;  Ginger Heidbreder – Dinner Planning & Tull Hall Ambiance/ Decorations;  Sharon & Anthony Damelio – Kitchen Support/ Dishwashers/ Serving Management;  Nancy Glenn & Jill Lum – Silent Auction Solicitors;  Jan DeLong – Fundraising;  Tom Banyai, Bill Wilson, Luis Suazo & David Martyn – Video & Sound;  Anna George Traynham and Michelle Hwang – Staff support;  Avery West – Graphics for Program & PR/Publicity;  Wills Moore – Master of Ceremonies;  Chris Sciarrone & Dave VanderMeer – Lights;   Linda Smith & Sandra McDonald – Publicity, Auction Support & Program Publication;  Luis Suazo & Kevin Byers – Microphone Handlers; Philip Covin – Cashier; Tammy Clyne – Financial…..and thanks to all the other volunteers who were servers & helpers during the evening!

PERFORMERS IN VARIETY SHOW:  David Martyn & Brady Lum;  Lucy Baum;  Clayton Wilson;  Ally, Tyler & Melanie Bliss;  Liz Jaffe;  Martha Haythorn;  Harry, Teddy, and Charlie Suazo;  Lydia Catterall;  Will Wilson;  Nazareth Choir;  Caroline Bray;  Betty Bolander;  Russell Heidbreder & Henry Ladd;  Jacob Haythorn;  Jerusalem Choir;  Matt Baum;  Lillian Paris;  Jack Roorbach & John Roorbach;  Kip Ladd;  Perry Lum;  David York;  Pete Paulsen;  Miriam Moore-Keish;  Catherine & Bill Wilson, Jamie Breen;  and accompanists:  Karen Brown, Rick Wornat & Jason Maynard.

CONTRIBUTORS OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES IN AUCTION:  Kathy & Lawrence Ashe & extended family;  Jason Bliss;  Marilyn Borst;  Pam & Jamie Breen (friends of the Wilsons);  Meg Buscema;  Bede Campbell;  Lydia Catterall;  Zac Catterall;  Rob Forbes;  Ginger Heidbreder;  Russell Heidbreder;  Billy Howard;  Henry Ladd;  Jill & Brady Lum;  Peggy Schiller & Scott Bowen;  Anne Sciarrone & Allie Suazo;   Tracy & Wills Moore;  Dave VanderMeer & Brent Ivey;  Avery West;  Jennifer West;  Robert West;  Catherine Wilson;  Clayton Wilson and Will Wilson.



It’s here! It’s here! After many months of planning, the variety show is THIS SUNDAY, April 19, beginning at 4:30pm.

A message from Marcia and Catherine:

Parents of Youth….WE NEED YOUR HELP!   The Variety Show this Sunday will require lots of volunteers – nothing complicated, just warm bodies to pitch in.   We are requesting that every parent help with at least one task.  Youth and parents can and should sign up for more than one task if possible.

The Youth Committee has spent untold hours working toward this special evening so that it will flow smoothly, entertain, and raise lots of money. We’re down to the last few details now, which is plugging in folks to help in various areas.  Please take a moment – right now – to let us know we can count on your assistance.   You don’t have to think about anything.  Just show up and we’ll tell you exactly what to do.  It’s that easy!   Click Here to sign up!

All youth and families attending the show need to purchase tickets. Click here to buy tickets online, or you can purchase them after church on Sunday.

See you Sunday!

April 12: Variety Show Rehearsal

Hi, CPC youth and families!

This Sunday, April 12, we will have a dress rehearsal for the variety show, 4:50pm-7:30pm. This will be our schedule for the evening:

4:50-5:30pm- Jerusalem Choir Rehearsal

5:30-6:15pm- Act 1 of Variety Show Rehearsal

6:15-6:45pm- Dinner in the youth suite

6:45-7:30pm- Act 2 of Variety Show Rehearsal

Everyone who is participating in the variety show should plan to attend. Youth who are not doing an act in the variety show may help backstage.

Next week, April 19, the variety show will begin at 5:00pm. We’re excited about an awesome show, dinner, and silent auction!  Click here to purchase tickets.

Save the Date: Here are some important upcoming dates for your calendar.

-4/26: CPC Block party after worship. No Jerusalem Choir or youth fellowship.

-5/3: Senior recognition Sunday. Jerusalem choir at 12:30pm (because Mrs. Rachel needs to head out of town). Youth fellowship, 6:00-7:30pm.

-5/10: Confirmation Sunday. No Jerusalem choir or youth fellowship because of Mother’s Day

-5/17: 12:30pm- Guatemala Trip Participants’ Meeting in the youth suite

and 5:00-7:00pm End of the year party for all youth and parents at the Wests’ home! More details to come.

Thanks, and see you Sunday!

PS: If you’re looking for something to do during the day on spring break this week, head to Stone Mountain Park to see our own Matt Baum in his MAGIC SHOW! The show runs April 4 – 11 at 11:30am, 12:30pm, 2pm, & 3pm every day.

Sunday, March 29

Hello Gang!

We have a very special gathering coming up. After Jerusalem Choir rehearsal at 4:50pm, we will have youth fellowship from 6:00-8:00pm. This week’s fellowship is longer because we have a special visit to make.

If you remember, Joseph and Emily Sciarrone have a good friend of the family who was paralyzed and is recovering here in Atlanta. We’re going to go and decorate his hospital room door. Afterwards we’ll grab some pizza, talk about our experience and head back to church.

Parents: please take note of the extra 30 minutes.

***We still need some meal coverage***

Up Around the Corner:

*We are selling Variety Show and Silent Auction tickets on Sundays. We need youth volunteers!

*MONTREAT: If you are planning on going to the youth conference please e-mail Anna or Michelle ASAP.